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Shri Guru Maharaji quotes, him at age 15.

Maharaji Quotes

Maharaji is a man who travels around the world talking to people reminding them of what is truly important in life: "what you are looking for is inside you."

Through the practice of Knowledge, hundreds of thousands have turned inside to the blissful state... an unexplainable experience known simply as contentment.

Maharaji online

Prew Rawat knows the road we walk, and appears, smiling, to point, to suggest the road of Knowledge.

How we get there will always be a personal choice and I have the ultimate respect for those who pursue Truth, no matter the path. This is my way and I encourage those curious to investigate.

"That which you are looking for is inside of you."
- Maharaji.

Maharaji Quotes

"Question: Is life as difficult as it sometimes seems to be?
Answer: Life is a tide; float on it. Go down with it and go up with it, but be detached. Then it is not difficult."
- Maharaji.

"Learning and growing. That is what Knowledge is all about. A human being, with all the passion, falling in love with the most beautiful thing, again and again. Enjoying every moment of life."
- Maharaji

"God has given you life and you are living it for someone else."
- Maharaji

"One day you will be completely alone. So try to be completely alone now. Because now you can recognize the beauty that is there."
- Maharaji

"The heart rarely speaks, but when it does listen to it!"
- Maharaji

"Don't make a problem where there's no problem,
or then you've got a real problem."
- Maharaji

"If you win the rat-race, you're still a rat."
- Maharaji

"Thought is God's gift to you, what you think about is your gift to yourself."
- Maharaji

"That which you are looking for is inside of you."
- Maharaji.

"Happiness is not a consequence, it's a state of being."
- Maharaji

"Recognize how precious life is."
- Maharaji

No war can be greater than the inner human conflict...
Every human being like a king watches the tyranny of this incredible war. You are the king and you must decide, or else every single soldier will be gone and no longer will you reign...
Wise are those who have secured the victory.
- Maharaji

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