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Arnulfo Bataller
Insights About Life Life runs in pairs. There are pefect pairs: we got two eyes, two ears, two legs (animals have four-two pairs) and two arms. There are also complimentary pairs: male & female, sun and moon, life and death, night and day, happines & sadness, sweet & sour, light & darkness, left & right, up and down, construction & destruction, positive and negative. But sometimes life isn't always perfect at all. We may have those perfect pairs in life but we may not have our share of the good elements of life's complimentary pairs. Sometimes, we're all alone, it's always dark, we don't see the sun, we're sad, relationships are sour, we're right but we're down, there's a lot of negativity. When things like these happens to us inevitably by chance, by accident, by carelessness or by environmental and social induction, we should picture ourselves as a mirror that reflects images of objects in the other direction. Mirror the negative to make it positive. Mirror downs to make it ups. Reflect your inner light to make it shine around you. Think of happy moments and happy thoughts when feeling sad. Look at your brighter side to see the sun by neglecting your dark side. When this happens, capture those reflected images and make it your own. Life would be better, I suppose. We decide our own fate. I did it!

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