Every person has unique insight into this life ... the inevitable consequence of combining individual predispositions with unique life experiences.

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I believe the world is coming to an end..

Whats it like looking through my eyes? The world through my eyes is pretty much a huge place filled with a ton of smart people that can't seem to convince all the other people in the world to stop all of this mindlessness and violence. In my eyes, violence is one of the number one problems the world faces today. Theres numerous stories on the news every day about some violent act taking place. People these days use violence to take care of their problems. Violence is not the answer, people! Whatever happened to sitting down with whoever it is you are wanting to hurt/kill and just talking about it? Sure it sounds lame, but it beats the hell out of spending the rest of your life in jail for killing one of your friends over something stupid, right? I don't understand why people feel the need be violent. Sure, some people cant help it because of a mental disability or something along those lines and I can understand that. What I can't understand is this, the people who are able to control their actions still think they need to use violence to solve their problems. The world sickens me. Honestly, it does. All of this violence is just sick. Right now, as im writing this, someone, somewhere could be acting violent towards someone or something else. This wolrd is sick. End of story.

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