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Every person has unique insight into this life ... the inevitable consequence of combining individual predispositions with unique life experiences.

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Danielle Gibney
Look, look! Hear that?!

Well, it all begins with me asking if you believe in spirits or the supernatural? Well, do you? If you do, I have a small experience to share with you. It all begins with my bedroom... I have experienced countless times that, while I was in it, my bed would sort of vibrate or shake somewhat, it kind of freaked me out, but I soon began to get used to it. This was happening more often after my sister had moved to my grandmother's for about a year, and I had the room to myself. Well, one night I decided to sleep out in the living room with my mom, because we wanted to lay beside the fire place. I slept like a baby the whole night, but not my mom. She had gotten up a few times during the night, and was sitting watching tv. All of a sudden she heard a banging noise. She went to was my bed. It was knocking off of my dresser. The next morning she told me about it and it totally freaked me out. I don't think I have slept in it the same, but you know, I think mabe my bed missed me. It was angry with me leaving, but who really knows......I don't.