Every person has unique insight into this life ... the inevitable consequence of combining individual predispositions with unique life experiences.

A simple online form has been submitted by people who offer a glimpse of what it is like looking through their eyes. Enjoy... and do share before you go.

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everything happens for a reason ,you might not relize it till your 80,but youll hopefully be glad it happend

what is it like to look through my eyes? its one of the lonliness feeling ever. everything you do or think about doing feels hopeless, cause it seems like u never do anyhitng rihgt. you never get a reward for it. you get a bunch of crap. cause people think that you can handle cause u act like it dont bug u and it does. it tears your soul. Everytime something great happens something tragic happens and its worse than what it started out as. so im scared to be happy... people arent suppose to be scared to be happy. thats not how it goes. it seems like everyone is selfish and your alwyas tehre for them but when u finally need someone.. no one is there for you. that shows how unfair life is. all the people that dont dererve crap get everything and the people that deserve more than you can imagane get the crappiest of crap.... why is that? thats just a tiny part of whats in my eyes.

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