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"The past is an illusion. The future is present." D.L. Frazier

My favorite quote: "The past is an illusion. The future is present." D.L. Frazier. Do you know why it's my favorite quote? Because it's bull shit. Or is it? If you think that D.L. Frazier is some famous poet or historian, you might think that perhaps he has a point. If I told you that he is some kid I met at camp 2 years ago, and he said this while he was pissing on a frog, you might think a bit differently. Is something intelligent because an intelligent person said it? What defines an intelligent person? People assume that Albert Einstein is correct about everything because, "Well, he's ALBERT EINSTEIN! One of the greatest thinkers of all time!" Because he thought of a lot of stuff, and used big words that made him seem intelligent does not mean that he IS intelligent. Because thousands and thousands of people claim he is intelligent shouldn't mean jack shit to you. Becasue you are you, not those thousands and thousands of people. Have your own opinions. So read this quote. Don't just read it, contemplate it. Think for yourself for once. Dig deep, and come up with your own conclusions. I know what I think. Nothing is right or wrong. In this quote, or in the world. I don't know or have any reason to beleive the person who defined right and wrong, so how can I tell you what to believe or think?

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