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ebony Whitfield
cause we do not know when will die

One Halloween Knight in 1864 a women in her 20's was murder during a halloween masquerade party,A man was seen wearing a black suit with a black mask that covers your eyes,His eyes was dreaming was so heavenly green mix with blue but he wasn't what you think.The woman that he murder her name was rosemary bethany she had long blonde hair and she was last seen wearing a blue fluffy dress she had a crowd on her head.The man in the suit had follow her in the alleyway,she was with her boyfrishe sawed him he end but he had too get something that he left at the party.He told wait right here,Ask the man in the suit was watching her,he made a noise its sound like a bottle.Rosemary turn her head real fast"she asked hello but nobody didn't said nothing "rosemary was unease about being in the alleyway so she about to walked back to the party.The man in the suit moved back a little so she won't see him but then something spooked her"she sawed this white gloved and a shadow of a leg in a dark corner rosemary moved back slowly very slowly.The man in the suit knew that she sawed him"he whisper something to her,it's was a scary nursery rhyme that he made up.He said hollow hollow ween i'm the man in the suit don't run don't hide cause i'm about to kill you.As he scream out to say that the man in the suit came running out with a sharp knife very pointing,,Rosemary had turned around so she run but she had fell on the ground she was so scared she couldn't evening scream.The man in the suit came to her and started stabbing her about 27 times and then lift her head up and slice her throat rosemary was dead.After the 8 stabbed wound.The man in the suit had got up and looking down at her laying there in a pal of blood,he took out his napkins so he can whip the blood off his knife, he turned around and away from her.The man in the suit had disappear in the fog as till this day nobody doesn't know who killed rosemary on Halloween in 1864.

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