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The Riddle Oddities






  riddle #1
You are in a room, there are two doors, two computers, two signs, and a leper in the room with you. The first sign reads

behind one door is God realization. Behind the other door is a room painted entirely green. The only things in that room are a man and a ladder, both of which are painted entirely green. The man has been hired by the coalition of Gangsta Rappers to hurl a non-stop barrage of insults at anyone who enters the room.

In front of each door is a computer, the second sign sits between the two computers and reads as follows.

One of these computers is programmed to lie to you regardless of how friendly you are to the user interface, the other computer is programmed to tell the truth, regardless of the Federal Grand Jury's wrath.

You have been zapped into this room by means unknown...the only other information you were given is that you will be picked up on the day that world peace is established. It is about this time that the gangrenous leper begins to speak "It is not a night for sleep, it's a night for love."

As he lurches towards you, you quickly calculate that you have time to ask one computer one question.
What do you ask? Keep in mind you don't know whether the computer will be honest with you.


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riddle #2

A kind man comes across a dirty sock, a voice says to him "Coconuts, $5 a dozen" With his lightning quick arithmatic he calculates that if he sold those same coconuts to the coconut air assault team for the accepted rate of $3 per dozen that in no time at all he would be a millionare.
What's with this guy, assuming his math is accurate?

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riddle #3

You're sitting at a bar, the local explosively-dank-hole within some small crack of reality . . . you have an award that says, most likely to be the character in a riddle . . .

looking around your attention finds a small chair with a mobile entity covering it with it's lesser half . . . It speaks, you hear "Glass of water please . . . "

You see the bartender examine the seated man for a moment. He then reaches under the counter and pulls out a shotgun point-blank in the man's face. The seated man speaks again

"Thank You" he says, and walks out of the bar . . . why did the man get what he needed?

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riddle #4

Rhythmic breathing pushes you forward as the scenery glides past. You have a long ways to go but concentration is on your side. It is the only thing seperating you from the pain in your feet. Freakin new boots, you shoulda left them in the car. You've got other boots but the boots you've got on are too heavy to carry and the scenery is to sparse to hide them. How can you insure that if you leave them you won't lose them?


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