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If ignorance is bliss why aren't more people happy?

Thought is a wonderful gift but it requires stimuli. Ideas trigger great revelations. For thought provoking ideas explore the thought collection via the "random" thought dispenser.

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Always remember that you're unique . . . just like everyone else.

Unique experience means unique insight into the world at large. We are all students, we are all teachers. This site is an opportunity to not only explore points of view but also to share your wisdom and/or educational experiences with the world. Who knows who could benefit from your insights.

Be Entertained
If you don't pay an exorcist do you get repossessed?

You'll find funny, strange, random, and bizarre weirdness from life, the greatest story ever told . . . Laziness is the habit of resting before you get tired. A book is like a leg, only it doesn't bleed as much if you stab it. It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats. Isn't a little disconcerting that the person in charge of your money is called a broker?

One last thing
Life is full of little surprises.

Truth can be glimpsed in parables, allegories, metaphors and . . . but to see we, as individuals, must find the truth for ourselves. Much like life itself there is more to be found at than meets the eye.

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