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This site represents the best of the best wisdom and humor I've encountered in my life. Everything from parents, friends, bumper stickers, books, magazines, websites, coffee shops, bars, and even the homeless.

The content on this site is a blend of both sourced and original content. Here are a few of the great sources of content that I have found over the years... that have a website.

The Edge - The best part of Oregon's largest newspaper which publishes trivia from many sources including commonly Reuters, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader , "Quick Takes" by Zay N. Smith, Chicago Sun-Times; Universal Press Syndicate.

Bizarre News - A newsletter filled with weird. Click to subscribe, FREE!

Most animal facts were written while watching Animal Planet, god bless 'em!

Much love to Edward Murphy, and or Nick T. Spark A History of Murphy's Law and the hundreds of people who have contributed to Murphy's Laws.

Many facts have been confirmed through wikipedia

Many of these quotes and facts were collected before I was publishing them, so references are lacking.

FYI: quotes & facts are uncopyrightable. Many fact sites provide very few citationsts at all. They simply verify the information and write their own fact. This is their content, with no reference needed. e has been done in many cases on this site as well when sources are particularly suspect.

Really great stuff found at bitworks

A ton of this content was collected before I got into publishing in 1997, and for much of it I have no record of where it came from. this page in particular I wish I knew where I got these. I think some were a result of me writing down bumper stickers at the store, but I'm really not sure.

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