To Be A Knight

Long ago I heard this quote "If you want to be a knight, act like a knight." That mind-over-matter, decide-your-own-reality sort of attitude really resonated with me.

Of course, I don't actually want to be a knight.

I mean, I hate to sound like a complainer, but all that armor and riding around on a horse for days at a time.

I don't get how any man can spend a day bouncing up and down on his potential peoples, sleep on a bed of leaves and call it a good day. Add to that dodging swords and arrows flung at you for the crimes of some king and you have a pretty questionable profession by today's standards.

I don't even think you can live in the city with a horse anymore legally or practically. All the good trails are paved, and most of the rings on the curb to tether your horse to have been lost to time. I have enough trouble with my car, how much more of a hassle would it be if it were alive?

Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike knights (or horses) I'm just saying to me the risk vs. reward just isn't there on this one.

I admire the knight's supposed embodiment of honesty & justice, but honestly, jousting? But, what on Medieval Earth do justice & jousting have to do with each other?

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