The Random Riddle Dispenser


You have been zapped into this room by means unknown. There are two doors on one side of the room, there are two computers. It even seems they are each guarding a door.

There are two signs, and a leper in the room with you.

The first sign reads:

"Behind one door is God realization. Behind the other door is a room painted entirely green. The only things in that room are a man and a ladder, both of which are painted entirely green. The man has been hired by the coalition of Gangsta Rappers to hurl a non-stop barrage of insults at anyone who enters the room. " (end sign 1)

The second sign sits between the two computers (also the two doors) and reads as follows:

"One of these computers is programmed to lie to you regardless of how friendly you are to the user interface, the other computer is programmed to tell the truth, regardless of your emotional state."

It is about this time that the gangrenous leper begins to speak "I get you deal on phone time $.08 minutes weekdays all odd hours. $.10 on Thursday except the hour between 2:00 and 3:00, or any registered birthday . . . "

He begins to - quite slowly - lurch towards you, he's already reaching out towards you, you get the sense he's a "touchy-feely" sorta person. You quickly calculate you have time to ask one computer one question before he reaches you. The riddle before you is this: What question do you ask, and to which computer do you pose your question? Remember, you don't know whether the computer's answer will be a lie, and you've got to figure out which door to go out.

1) You've heard great things about God realization, 2) It doesn't matter which computer you ask, i.e. there's an answer for both.

To see the answer put the cursor at the very end of these instructions, exactly at the word "answer". Press down mouse botton down and drag the cursor downwards. Your answer will be revealed.


Ask either computer which door the other computer would say leads to the green room. Choose that door, the answer will be incorrect.


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