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"We're missing data, how certain can we be?"
- The Ascending Chimp

Herein lies the answer to the question posed in

Impending Aggregation's January 22nd edition.

The theme today is that anything, even a fact, is still only part of the story. Presented alone a fact loses context and can be misleading. . . . which suggests any opinion or judgement based on it should not be held absolute.

Pointing this out may seem unnecessary but I live in the U.S. which is a disinformational (lies, lies, half-truths) culture. That assessment might seem paranoid, but it's a fact : ) and by putting things in context we can avoid reaching one of the following two conclusions/mindsets . . . or any conclusion too quickly.

When a person is subjected to lies consistently they develop either paranoia and think that everything is a lie, or lies become the norm and are accepted as a sort of truth in themselves, forever distorting the line between what's a lie and what's the truth.

The former can lead to mental illness, while the latter leads to such comical situations as entire countries noticing how their leaders say one thing and do another. Then, once the jokes have subsided, proceeding to vote for whichever one seems to be best at it.

[BTW: If you want to accurately judge me and my insinuations you should probably read this all several times over.]

1) The story of the gorillas was reported in the Coventry Evening Telegraph, and later was heard on KPIG (107.5) Independent sources for the same story suggest that it's true, but I've never heard of either of them. They are, however, written about in a book! Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger III page 84

2) Brain facts: True, the sources for this are scientific in origin, suggesting that they are fact until further research demonstrates otherwise or re-estimates the precise estimate. Here's the source.

3) Science truth again, Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of TIme page 38 and Ask Dr. Universe. Oddly, their estimation of the number of galaxies in the universe is DIFFERENT! Click here to see a cool picture of another spiral galaxy.

4)Abraham Lincoln quote: Truth again, at least that's what it says But, then again, they have their own agenda.

5)The homing pigeon: This story was, of course, FICTION. But, you probably guessed that. I mean, come on, we're talking about the United States of America, you can't blatantly screw people like that and get away with it!

6) Woman leaps to husband's death: truth, as reported by the great online newsletter, Bizarre News. For more oddities sign up here.

7) Information formula: This is the truth too . . . except that I have interpreted and generalized it. Here's a decent explanation of the formula.

Are you still there? Well, your reward is to hear overtly something you may have already noticed. I consider this to be quite a revelation, personally.

By combining parts 2 and 7 from today's newsletter it would appear that the more concentrated we are and the greater effort we invest in active participation of new and unpredictable life experience THE MORE WE LEARN! This is a guarantee - It's a method, totally independent of how "smart" we are.

While you're strolling around today, and tomorrow, remember to PAIL . . . Pay Attention with Intent to Learn . . . and while you're at it fwd the newsletter to everybody.


Some Guy

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