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Recommended Reading

Careful, grab one of these books and it'll grab you.



$12.95 How to start your own country I've not read this book yet but it's been recommended and certainly sounds intriguing. Although, I have a bad feeling that there is a lot of paperwork.

$6.29 The Teachings of Don Juan. The first (and only book by Carlos Castaneda endorsed by the Yaqui Indians) book in the series on the art of sorcery and the path of a man of knowledge.

Magic and Power come to life in this detailed account of Carlos' apprenticeship under Don Juan, a Yaqui sorcerer.

$13.50 The Illuminatus Trilogy : The ultimate conspiracy theory. This book delves into a race of people descended from Atlantis. The bizarre delivery of the story will leave you pleasantly puzzled. Lots of interesting ideas and observations on the psychology of people, the ideology of government bodies, and communication with dolphins. This is a mindbender that you won't soon forget.


$11.16 Celestine Prophecy : This book is amazing! Through a fictional story James Redfield introduces 9 rules for living. Take notice of coincidence in your life and learn to use it as a guide. Your life has a highest path. Follow the signs.

Click here to order the adventure in paperback. Or here to get it in hardcover.

Click here to purchase the sequel . . . The 10th Insight.




$14.99 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy : Wow, adventures through the imagination of Douglas Adams. With Earth destroyed the universe opens up, experience the highly improbable results. RANDOM REIGNS!

5 novels included, + a bonus novel = $14.99!!

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