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Tour Of Insanity

Fortunately for the vast majority of people there is some kind of mental barrier, just like the background of this page. It shields us from all sorts of things bouncing around the universe that we supposedly understand so well. What if your train of thought was interrupted by zebras shouting, a dead relative and the powerful energies of demons that infiltrate our world. We may feel a breeze, or have a chill run down our spine... maybe we just end up in a bad mood or feel a lack of energy that we attribute to a bad hot dog. This of course goes far beyond thoughts but life shared with energies that our science is only beginning to understand... perhaps they see the source of these energies, ghosts or maybe just a friends anger shows up as a dark force that looks like a black fog... Perhaps insanity is just an extra sense... opening up a more "real" world which unfortunately makes it very difficult to deal with the one that we call real... What if this sense opens up what we call the dream world... can you imagine living in a dream and being held responsible for those actions as if you were in this world... having people know you as the person you are in dreams would make anyone crazy. Oh yeah... let me know if you've managed to break through the barrier to the world of insanity.

email me at

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